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A new concept of entertainment.

Concepto Ka is a worldwide entertainment agency, focused on delivering high-quality performances, wow moments and a fresh take on the 21st-century show business.

We are looking forward to creating the experience you envision for your event, and provide the perfect artists for your venue, always exceeding your expectations.

Passion for performing.

After more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, with world tours covering more than 70 different countries, our founder, award-winning, international illusionist Daniel Ka started Concepto Ka. He aims to use his knowledge, creativity, and professional experience to create and produce unique shows, organise events and find fantastic talent.


  After successfully completing a degree in Engineering, Daniel pursued his dream and started a career in the performing arts industry. His professional background and training in drama, music, dance, lighting, and scenography also helped him create and design original effects that are now performed by other professional magicians.

Daniel Ka

Founder & CEO



We have some of the finest creative minds and entertainers within the industry. Our team utilises their knowledge and experience along with honesty and passion to design, manage and deliver exciting concepts and memorable performances for our clients. From Musical Directors to Creative Producers, Choreographers, Composers & Graphic Designers, we supply original entertainment solutions.   


Working together as a team, Concepto Ka aims to deliver quality and original entertainment while maintaining great relationships with their clients and artists.


The entire team is passionate about what they do and are constantly on the search for the next new thing in the world of entertainment and the upcoming artists that will wow any audience.

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