Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist

from Argentina.

Blues, Soul and Rock from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Cover show that comes from the soul and goes to the heart.

Based in London, UK.

Unique Comedy Juggler

from Spain.


A sensational show with juggling, hand shadows, magic and a lot of laughs. 

Based in Las Palmas, Spain.

World Class Magician

from Spain.

International Award Winning Illusionist and Visual Artist presents "Reality is Just an Illusion".

Based in Santander, Spain.

Sensational Singer & Entertainer

from England.

An artist on the rise to stardom. 

Energetic young singer with powerful vocals and a distinctive personality. 

Based in Birmingham, UK.

Vocalist & Guitarist

from the USA.

"Road trip through America". 

A journey with songs, stories and laughs.

Blues, rock n roll, country, motown,...

Based in Essex, UK.

International Circus Performer

from Spain.

Featured in the Cirque du Soleil. 


Original acrobatics with captivating movements and elegance.

German wheel and aerial acts (hoop, hammock, straps,...).

Based in Valencia, Spain.

Singer-songwriter / Tribute Artist

from the UK.

"A brilliant Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé"

- Chris Tarrant -

"I'm flattered"

- Robbie Williams -

Based in London, UK.

World-recognised Latin dancers.

 Impressing audiences with their powerful performances and their passion for dance.

A mix of Sensual Bachata and Acrobatics.

Based in Santander, Spain.


Latin Dance Stars

from Spain and Romania.

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