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Bilingual Rakugo Performer


-Bilingual Rakugo Performer-

Welcome to the enchanting world of Rakugo – a hidden gem rarely experienced outside Japan. 
Rakugo is a unique storytelling art that brings tradition and culture alive through laughter and entertainment.

Diane Kichijitsu, a skilled performer and popular guest on TV and radio in Japan, is known for her captivating storytelling style and has taken the ancient Japanese art of Rakugo to the global stage, sharing her talent with audiences around the world.

Born in Liverpool, England, Diane embarked on a backpacking adventure that has taken her to more than 60 countries but it was her arrival in Japan that would define her path and change her life forever. Armed with little more than curiosity, wanderlust and a pocket dictionary, Diane hitch-hiked across Japan, ultimately falling in love with Japanese culture.

During this time, she fully immersed herself in local traditions and studied ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) and tea ceremony, achieving the status of a licensed teacher in these crafts. Diane's talents also expanded into balloon artistry, delighting audiences with her creativity and infectious sense of fun.

However, it was the discovery of the intricate world of Rakugo, the timeless Japanese art of storytelling, that truly ignited her passion and she emerged as a respected performer (a milestone as a foreign female artist in this esteemed tradition).

With her quick wit and knack for finding humour in the everyday quirks of life, she has gained recognition for her ability to make audiences laugh while conveying insightful observations about human nature. Diane seamlessly weaves comedy, satire and vivid narratives into her stories. Her performances have graced theatres worldwide, entertaining audiences in English, Japanese or a natural blend of both.

Her international Rakugo tours have not only brought joy and laughter to people from diverse backgrounds but have also served as a stepping stone between cultures.

Alongside performances, seminars, workshops and her role as a TV and radio personality in Japan, Diane is presently featured in the New Horizon English textbooks for Japanese students, inspiring future generations through her story.

In recognition of how far her activities have helped build a bridge between Japanese and overseas cultures, Diane received the prestigious Nakasone Yasuhiro Incentive Award, presented by Japan’s ex-Prime Minister – a testament to her remarkable contributions to both Japanese traditions and international understanding.

Diane is a true global entertainer; a delightful cultural ambassador who brings laughter and enlightenment wherever she goes.

Offering 2 different 45 minutes show plus extra activities like seminars and laughter sessions. Shows can be done in English, Japanese or bilingually.

Diane Kichijitsu - Bilingual Rakugo Performer.

Diane Kichijitsu - Bilingual Rakugo Performer.

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Osaka, Japan





- RAKUGO SHOWS: 2 x 45 min. (English, Japanese or bilingual).

This traditional Japanese art of comedy storytelling has been enchanting audiences for many years.
The storyteller takes the listener on a magical journey, giving insights into Japanese customs, culture, and traditional lifestyles in a light-hearted, humorous way.

Including audience participation and bringing a passenger up on stage to experience Rakugo.




· Japan Through the Eyes of Diane -  A lighthearted introduction to Japan and Japanese culture drawn from personal experience.

· Laughter Connects the World - A Smile is the Shortest Distance Between People.


Diane offers laughter sessions as a bonus activity to get passengers to meet each other, interact and laugh together through fun exercises and games.

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