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Comedy Juggler


-Variety Entertainer-

Jeremy Ansley or “Mr Penguin/企鹅先生” as he is known in many parts of Asia is one of the most engaging and charismatic performers available for cruise ship entertainment for the Asian audience.

With a wealth of experience performing for all audiences throughout Asia, including specifically the northern Asian audiences of China, Japan and Korea. He can present a full interactive 50 minute headline theater show in Chinese Mandarin, English and Japanese languages. This show will take the audience on a journey utilising interactive comedy and his world class juggling technique, and including one of the largest and most fun finales on board a ship with the “Largest Penguins on the Ocean”.


Also available a 5-10 minute spot in a parade, atrium or other event.


Jeremy has performed on multiple cruise lines in Asia over the past 14 years and also lived in Shanghai for 3 years prior to 2020. In Shanghai he worked as the resident MC at a cabaret bar and venue, consequently his Chinese language skill for the show is fantastic. Including local slang and ancient idioms in Chinese.


He has also worked directly for specific Chinese cruise lines, where in many cases he was the only foreign entertainer on board.

Jeremy Ansley connects to the northern Asian audiences through an understanding of their cultures and a strong history of performing globally over 25 years and most importantly a desire to share and have fun with each and every audience member.


As an added bonus Jeremy has very specific LED tools in which he can programme images and logos of companies specifically for the cruise line and also any charters. 


Currently based out of Auckland in New Zealand, he has easy access to most Asian ports. As a New Zealander he has visa free entry to most countries in Asia. Also with a history of over ten years of visas for China it is very easy to procure a Chinese visa for joining or debarking a ship in a Chinese port.


This is without a doubt one of the strongest foreign shows available for the Chinese and Japanese market.

Jeremy 'Penguin' Ansley

Jeremy 'Penguin' Ansley
Jeremy 'Penguin' Ansley

Jeremy 'Penguin' Ansley

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Auckland, New Zealand



1 x 45 min. show.


5-10 min. spot for parade, atrium or other event.





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