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Magic School in Santander

After 20 years in the entertainment industry, touring with his magic shows around more than 40 different countries, our founder, award-winning, international illusionist Daniel Ka, created "Escuela de Magia Santander". He aims to use his experience and knowledge to train upcoming magicians in the artform, giving all the professional tools needed to produce their own show.

Currently working on the 2022 program, that will start in September. More details soon.


Full professional training

In our magic master class we provide personalised instruction at in a small-group setting. It is designed so that each attendee takes their magic and their magic business to the next level.

You will have time with our founder Daniel Ka as well as special teaching units from world-leading teachers of magic. There will also be events to which you may bring a guest or family member.

In our programs we focus on:

- History of magic.

- Magic technique.

- Creativity.

- Technical training: lightning, sound and special effects.

- Body language: basics of theatre and dance.

- Scripting.

- Show production.

More info coming soon.

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We have some of the finest creative minds, entertainers and educators within the industry. Our team utilises their knowledge and experience along with honesty and passion to design, manage and deliver exciting concepts, memorable performances and complete trainings for our students and clients. From Musical Directors to Creative Producers, Choreographers, Composers & Graphic Designers, we supply original entertainment solutions.   


Working together as a team, Concepto Ka aims to deliver quality and original entertainment while maintaining great relationships with their clients, students and artists.


The entire team is passionate about what they do and are constantly on the search for the next new thing in the world of entertainment and the upcoming artists that will wow any audience.

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